Saturday, March 24, 2007

Using perl's File::Find

Perl's File::Find module

What does it do? What I understood

Use the find OR finddepth methods after "use"ing File::File;

find (\&wanted, '/path/name/');

This goes to all the directories in the "/path/name/" find all the files. In the subroutine select the required file.

for example
find (wanted=>sub{print $_;} '/path/name');
would print all files in /path/name/

Friday, March 23, 2007

Using Unzip in *nix

unzip on *nix Howto -

Displays what is in the zip file

#> unzip -Z

Unzips all files to the current directory

#> unzip

Unzips only File1 and File2 from the

#> unzip File1 File2

Unzips File1 to newDir/File1

#> unzip -d newDir File1

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Command line CD ripping on Linux

Comamnd line CD Ripping on Linux (Kubuntu 6.10)

#> cdparnoia -vsQ
lists all the tracks

#> cdparnoia 1-10
rips tracks from 1 to 10

#> cdparanoia -B -Z
(rips all no data check is done, seems to be much faster with old, broken CDs!)


(assume bash)

#> apt-get install vorbis-tools

#> oggenc -o track01.cdda.ogg track01.cdda.wav

#> foreach fle in *wav; do oggenc -o $fle.ogg $fle; done

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Using ndiswrapper

How to make wireless work

Download the ndiswrapper, install it

Download the Win-XP driver and unzip into a directory

go to the directory where the driver is located

(use sudo if required)

#> ndiswrapper -i dirver.inf

#> modprobe ndiswrapper