Friday, June 20, 2008

Open SUSE 11, KDE First Day

Downloaded the 64bit, liveCD version of Open SUSE 11 via Bit torrent. Took more than 3 hours to download (first day!)

Installation went without much problems, very user friendly installation interface.

Only problem was after reboot, the system refused to boot via grub. Took a little while to figure out what was happening (as I was not expecting nothing to go wrong). Found that the grub menu.lst was misconfigured (got configured as (hd1,x), instead of (hd0,x)) on my two hard disk, multi-OS desktop. Cant blame, for not being able to set it up right for the complex configuration I have.

Here are some observations.

  • Comes with perl 5.10, which is great.
  • No problem with X on my nvidia (there was no problem in Open SUSE 10.2/3 either)
  • KDE4... had a couple crashes already in my 1hour or so of usage! Had tried KDE4 on OpenSUSE 10.3, dint work well, had given up and backed up to KDE 3.5.x. Hoping that is not going to be the case again.
  • Hate the width of the bottom panel, I reduced it to the minimum size (there is no customized size). Also the font size of the clock. Adding date with year, time with seconds helped.
  • Not the latest released version of Firefox. I think it is some 3.0b5. At one point while accessing one of the website realized the flash needs to be installed. Just clicking on the buttons, took me to the adobe's website and got installed flawlessly.
  • Try to install anything from the network using yast, din't work. Either because of the network congestion or because of the yast configuration.
  • Haven't tried any 3D stuff, not sure if I can with the hardware I have.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kubuntu UUID

Already written this before? once again..., the command for getting UUID on kubuntu
ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Installing OpenSolaris 2008.05

I read somewhere that OpenSolaris 2009.05 was being distributed freely by Sun. I requested for one, did not get any reply from them.

Could not wait for it, so I downloaded few days back and tried to install on my multi-boot system. Unfortunately my system got stuck at "grub>" prompt. Tried installing again, Tried installing kubuntu again, nothing helped.

Today, I tried it again. Re-installing kubuntu did not help. Installing OS2008.05 again booted the system. Then I had to manually edit the grub menu config file (In solaris it is something like /rpool/boot/grub/menu.lst ).

Now I have to take care of my kubuntu installation

Sunday, May 4, 2008


My 3 year old used to wait for my desktop/laptop to get free, click on whatever he sees on the screen (the most attractive ones are the flash car ads, etc).

Last week I found this excellent firefox extension. So far so good. He knows how to click the tab with his name and he gets all the games to play.

Installing NX Nomachine server on kubuntu 8.04

Go to NoMachine website.

Download the nx{server, node, and client }.

Follow the instructions to install these.

NOTE: Remember to restart ssh. I did not have ssh, used simple “aptitude install ssh” to get (open)ssh.

It worked!

kubuntu 8.04 X not working

After installing kubuntu 8.04, the screen resolution was too low.

apt-get install nvidia-glx
restart X to solve the problem

My kubuntu 8.04 (hardy heron) installation venture

Installing kubuntu 8.04 LTS

Installation did not go smooth on my multi OS machine.

The installation did not boot with hd6 (for /dev/sda7). Tried “grub-install (hd6)”, then “setup /dev/hd0″. The sytsem stopped booting. It was stuck at “grub>” prompt.

Installed again with grub at (hd0,6) to (somewhat) solve the problem. It works now, I get into Kubuntu’s boot prompt and I can select any of the other OSs.

Shell tips

Time to bring back life to my blog!

Recently I learned how to execute programs in different directories and direct the output to a single log file in a single command

#> cd ~
#> (cd perl/bin;; cd tcl/bin; tclfind.tcl) > find_out.txt